The Office Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Employees

When it comes to spring cleaning, most people spend time sprucing up and organizing their homes – but if you’re a business owner, getting employees engaged in keeping the office looking its best can provide several unique benefits.

Tidy workspaces do more than boost employees’ moods. With less clutter and fewer distractions, you can see more productivity. Use this simple office spring cleaning checklist from the experts at ServiceMaster Clean®, and encourage your employees to spruce up their workspaces today!

Office Spring Cleaning Checklist

  • Clean off your desk. Remove everything, wipe down your space and put everything back in an organized manner. Make sure that you keep the things you need close by – including pens, paper and sticky notes – and file away or store anything you don’t use often.
  • Clean out your computer. Computer cleanup includes organizing and filing your documents, cleaning off your desktop, and filtering your emails. Create separate folders for last year’s documents, messages, icons and other items that tend to get stuck where you first drop then. Then, back up these folders to the cloud or an external drive so you can access anything you need without excess clutter. Change the passwords for your business logins and secure files, too.
  • Tidy break rooms. Remove all items from the fridge and cabinets. Toss any old or expired foods, and put everything else back in an organized manner. Clean and sanitize the fridge, microwave, coffee maker and any other appliances you have, and then wipe down the countertops. Clean as a team, or have each person perform a single task.
  • Clear conference rooms. Most conference rooms end up with an array of equipment, supplies and notes from old meetings jammed into cabinets and other areas that get overlooked in quick cleaning sessions. Clean out these areas and properly store, file or throw out the items you find. Dust the cabinets and shelves, and sanitize table surfaces. Use a hand vacuum to freshen the upholstered furniture, and wipe down equipment with terry cloths or technology-safe cleaners as needed.

If you don’t have a janitorial crew in your office, empower your staff to work together to maintain everyday cleaning tasks like washing dishes, taking out the trash, replacing liners, cleaning glass doors and windows, sanitizing surfaces, maintaining the floors any other office cleaning required. Use our printable office cleaning checklist to structure and assign all the cleaning tasks so you’re sure they get done.

If you would rather let your employees focus on their work, call in the experts at ServiceMaster Clean® to take care of your office cleaning needs. Our customized janitorial services can keep your business looking spotless and professional to ensure a positive, productive environment for staff and customers at any time of year. Learn more about our commercial janitorial services online or contact us now for more information.